Taylormade Horse Suppplies International is at the leading edge of health and performance products for the equine sports industry.

Our research teams have more than 50 years extensive experience in developing products which assist in horses and camels achieving optimum performance and including recovery with overall health and well being benefits.
With offices in USA, United Emirates and Southeast Asia, Taylormade Horse Supplies manufactures premium quality products and medications that provide solutions to compete at the highest level.

Why Choose Taylormade Equine?

Often it can be a concern to find a trusted and reliable supplier of quality products, particularly when the health and performance of your horse and other animal is at stake. Taylormade Equine understands your concern and is at the forefront of developing proven and effective products that are respected by owners, trainers and veterinarians worldwide.

Our wide variety of equine products includes pain blockers, bleeder treastments for horses that stop bleeding in horses, blood builders, and products that treat inflammation in horses as well as other health and well being problems.

The Reason behind Our Success

Taylormade Equine provides the market with high quality products that are recognised for effectiveness and affordability. The reasons behind our success are:

• Reliable and high quality products
• Manufactured with scientifically researched ingredients
• Quality assurance and customer satisfaction

Our core ambition is to serve the racing industry with the best products available to promote performance and health of horses and camels.
Taylormade Horse Supplies International is the name associated throughout the industry with quality and trust, as we never compromise on the quality of ingredients and the quality of manufacture.

Well Researched Products for Horses

Every product we manufacture and introduce to the market is the end result of our thorough research and the inclusion of permitted ingredients. If your need is to stop bleeding racehorses then you can be certain that we have thoroughly researched and teste our product before bringing it to market.

Below are some of our products. You may click on BUY NOW or PRODUCT LIST on our menu above to view our complete range.

altitde 20
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Altitude 02

Altitude-O2 is a recently formulated blood booster. Utilizing breakthrough technology combining two blood enhancers together for a single deliver of oxygen uptake.

The extra oxygen significantly increases the muscles’ energy production and can therefore help to significantly improve athletic performance.

P Block
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P-Block+ Paste

P Block + Paste has been scientifically formulated oral anti-inflammatory and pain management paste, utilizing the latest technology in the preparation and extraction of the active ingredients. This selected combination is providing optimal supplementation for the equine athlete. The ingredients and maturation process is the reason this breakthrough oral pain paste really works. P Block + Paste is 100% all-natural and drug free. It supports anti-inflammatory, pain and has fast recovery time from performance or exercise.

bio blood builder
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Bio Blood Builder

One of the latest scientific advances and breakthrough capturing the attention of horse trainers around the world is BIO BLOOD BUILDER, the latest development in the equine industry and is the most potent and safest blood builders available in the world today.

It is a specially patented pending sequenced amino acid chain, with a super molecule of B12. BIO BLOOD BUILDER has been developed by our research and development team for several years, it is now being made available for the time to owners and trainers in the equine world.

sgf 5000
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SGF-5000 is an innovative sterile liquid extract consisting of selected proteins, cytokines, (polypeptide regulators that are produced by cells of diverse embryological origin), peptides and other growth factors and signaling molecules obtained from ovine placenta extract.

It is manufactured and purified via a low temperature process that involves homogenization, fractionation and ultra-filtration of (fractionated) liquid ovine placental extract suspended in a sterile liquid solution. SGF-5000 supersedes all other ovine placenta extract.

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Improve your performance animal to be in the best possible condition

A new treatment in the improvement of mind and body performance of your horse or camel is Cardio Max.

For more information please go to our brochure / fact sheet.

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Breakthrough scientific research by Taylormade Horse Supplies Int’l Ltd has led to the release of an exciting and revolutionary new product Dexarectic developed exclusively for the Camel racing industry. What makes this product unique is not only the research and science but also being able to treat the Camel within 5 days of racing. With the long hard racing season ahead every training should be looking at getting the winning edge by using Dexarectic.

bio bleeder
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Bio Bleeder

The worlds most potent and all natural bleeding formula available on the market.

This advanced breakthrough technology allows trainers to treat their horses with a safe natural and highly effective bleeding formula.

bio blocker
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Bio Blocker

The racing industry has been searching for generations for a safe effective pain blocker that really works.

Several years of research and development has provided Taylormade Horse Supplies International the answer the racing industry has been looking for.

For more information please go to our fact sheet.

tb 1000
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TB-1000 is a synthetic version of natural occuring peptides found in horses, camels and other high performance animals. Its regenerative properties help the body heal itself and build up strength naturally.

The TB-1000 formulation is chemical free with no side effects, and is suitable for thoroughbred race horses, show jump horses, dressage horses, rodeo horses and polo horses as well as racing camels.

pentoflex gold
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Pentoflex Gold

Pentoflex Gold provides amazing results for Horses and Camels suffering from acute arthritic conditions.

A new treatment developed by Taylormade Horse Supplies Int’l Ltd for Equine and Camel  arthritis it is providing amazing results for Horses and Camels suffering from acute arthritic  conditions.

enduro 500
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Enduro 500

Taylormade Horse Supplies International Revolutionary ENDURO-500 is the only product on the market today that prepares and fuels the muscles, Cardiovascular system and assists in the respiratory function of our Equine and Camel athletes.

Enduro-500 will revolutionise the racing scene as we know it today, with its advanced scientific research and development that has finally come to fruition after years of trials.

nitro max
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NITRO-MAX is an advanced breakthrough in Equine and Camel athletic performance enhancement, providing incredible benefits.

NITRO-MAX creates energy improves endurance and speed, it also dilates the arteries to increase blood flow and oxygen.

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Fuel is a supplement to support muscle function and recovery during training and strenuous exercise. It is a blend of essential co-factors to ensure that muscle metabolism is optimised, and that energy supply to muscles is adequate, to reduce the risk of lactic acidosis, muscle fatigue and Tying Up..

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Pre-Race Activator

Pre Race Activator is a newly developed potent lactic acid muscle enzyme inhibitor. This formula that has been developed has unique actions by being able to create stamina and energy levels as well as offsetting muscle fatigue and reducing lactic acid build up.

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Enduro Blast

Enduro-Blast has been scientifically developed to producing a significant increase in blood supply to muscles and the heart, and hence increases yet regulates the oxygen release of red blood cells and essential nutrient supply to these areas during racing and competition and training including hard work.