Horses Pain Killer

Pain is nature’s way of telling a body that something is wrong, and it slows down
the body to allow time for healing. Pain in the performance of horses and racing
camels is a big factor. It can have negative result on performance as well as the
overall health and it can be the difference between winning and losing. Pain is
caused by some injuries if it is reduced which leads to some degree of pain relief.
The pain-relieving properties may make your horse and camel feel more
comfortable if faced with the aches and soreness of arthritis or injury.

Taylormade can help ease your equine and camel discomfort with pain relief
supplements. One of the most important pain-relieving product is Bio Blocker
which is 100% drug-free without containing prohibited substances. All
competitive horses carry a degree of pain from day to day training and racing, but
Bio Blocker will relieve inflammation and pain associated with the muscle, joint,
nerve and arthritic pain. Bio Blocker is a multi-action formula designed as an aid
in the relief of muscle, joint, and nerve pain.It is also effective in blocking pain
receptors allowing your horse or camel to perform to its optimum peak.

Bio Blocker is formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients without
containing prohibited substances. It is more effective and scientifically advanced
than any other natural anti-inflammatory product on the market today, without
any side effects. Bio Blocker stimulates circulation to relieve blood stasis. So that
It is completely safe to use in all performance horses and racing Camels. Bio
Blocker should be refrigerated or stored in a dark cool room. Keep out of
children’s reach.

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