Bolt is a combination of ingredients that boost energy and strength during competition.

• Enhance endurance
• Enhance Exercise Performance
• Improve Muscle Function
• Helps support stamina, endurance and recovery.
• Promotes healthy energy levels
• Boost metabolism
• Selected Amino Acids provide an energy source and support muscle growth
• Improve Heart Function

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Unique combination of calcium pyruvate, ATP and selected animos. Equine athletes are dependent on the production of ATP to perform at their peak. However, ATP production is dependent on the muscle’s ability to utilize fuel stores in the body, which is dependent on oxygen availability. The two main ways that the muscle utilizes fuel stores are anaerobic and aerobic metabolism. Anaerobic metabolism is not dependent on oxygen to break down fuel stores, and it provides a rapid means of producing a limited supply of energy. In the absence of oxygen, only carbohydrates may be metabolized for ATP production. The end product of anaerobic metabolism is lactate and reduction and utilizing Bolt’s combination of ingredients provides the horse extra energy, strength and endurance.

Calcium Pyruvate extremely particularly useful due to its ability to help build muscle, while also providing sustained energy and fighting fatigue creating increased endurance during competition.

Bolt’s formulation is a unique blend providing the energy unit stored in all cells, particularly muscle cells. To help the animal athlete recovery faster, whereby, horse trainers can utilize Bolt in their training and performance endeavours.

Bolt works by utilize combination of selected animos, calcium pyruvate and ATP. For its combination to be able to work together to achieve the latest supplement for high performance animals.

Bolt is a critical combination in energizing horses. When it comes to horse training, performance and recovery, the amount of this vital component can determine how quickly and efficiently the horse’s body can perform at its peak and recovery.

24ml IM (Intramuscular)
12ml each side of horse or camel, total dosage of 24ml.

Available in 24ml bottle.

625 milligrams of calcium pyruvate 120mg of ATP and a combination of selected aminos.

Store below 25°C (Air conditioned). Protect from direct sunlighttrength during competition. It enhances work output and fitness by providing more efficient energy that bypasses the ability of the animal to store glucose as body fat. It also plays a crucial role in energy production by facilitating the transport of glucose from the bloodstream into the muscles, making this a superior supplement for competitive horse and racing camels.