Pre Race Activator For Horses 50ml


Our Pre-Race Activator for horses is a newly developed potent equine lactic acid muscle enzyme inhibitor.

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Premium Pre Race Formula

Pre Race Activator is a newly developed potent lactic acid muscle enzyme inhibitor. This formula that has been developed has unique actions by being able to create stamina and energy levels as well as offsetting muscle fatigue and reducing lactic acid build up.

We have perfected this formula after a extensive trial period, we have had some outstanding results so far and now it is available for trainers of Horses and Camels around the world to use.

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• Suppresses accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue

• Improve stamina and endurance

• Improve recovery after hard physical exercise

• Sustained energy levels for a longer period of time

• Enhanced energy supply

Ideal preparation before any race/event or any session of intense exercise


GTP Guanosine 5 Triphosphate, GNG Gluconegenisis and a Patented Sequenced Amino Acid chain.


• Storage store below 18 degrees keep out of direct sunlight.

• Keep out of children’s reach, if seal is broken do not use.

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of its new potent muscle enzymatic/lactic acid inhibitor PRE RACE ACTIVATOR for horses. Energy levels can be maintained and sustained by for a much longer period of time by suppressing the lactic acid build up within the system.

Extensive research and testing has enabled us to perfect the ultimate formula in pre-race or pre-event preparation for your elite horse or camel to give it a greater or improved racing performance.

So, if you’re up for training for the next battle ahead, order online 50 ml bottle of pre race activator for horses to clamp down lethargy and boost energy for the win. Shop online now!