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Why Taylormade Horse Supplies ?

Taylormade Horse Supplies International is the cutting edge leader in equine health and performance products that the industry has been demanding for years. At Taylormade, our products are developed to help the muscular and blood structure of horses. Our leading products are legal, do not swab and are easily administered.

Taylormade Horse Supplies International manufacture horse supply products that are cutting edge, backed by extensive scientific reseach and quality above all. Our team of Equine Sports Scientists and Veterinarians have over 30 years of experience and are established names in our fields of expertise.

What are the Products of Taylormade Horse Supplies International?

Taylormade Horse Supplies International is the answer to those who are looking for the edge to compete at the top level, with high end quality and scientifically researched products.  We offer a complete product range for horse supplies using ingredients that are sourced from the very best pharmaceutical companies around the world. Our products specifically target problems that occur in racehorses and include equine pain relievers and equine bleeding controls that stop bleeding in racehorses.

Our products are characterized by:

  • No restricted drugs / ingredients
  • Completely legal to use
  • Do not swab.
  • Easily administered
  • Highly effective, even after the first injection.


When it comes to delivering quality to our customers, our equine products are world class

What makes Taylormade Horse Supplies Special in the Market?

Most of the products that are offered on the equine market today do not contain quality ingredients or sufficient dosage strength and are therefore ineffective. Many of these products are full of fillers and poor quality ingredients and the people behind the websites are not contactable. What happens if you need to find out more or have a problem? Who can you contact ?

Taylormade Horse Supplies leads the market on three core expertise areas !

  • Top quality of our product
  • Scientifically researched
  • Our product guarantee to customers

1- Taylormade Horse Supplies maintain top quality

The market demands top quality in horse supplies products and this is our main strength. We know your exact requirements which enables us to provide the best products to you.

Our expertise and knowledge in the field of horse supplies is second to none. It comes from our experience in racing at the elite level in North America as well as liaising with the top trainers and veterinarians around the world whom we deal with on a daily basis.

Our Equine Sport Science research and development team are constantly reviewing the latest science and manufacturing technologies being developed for the equine racing world to ensure that we can always bring you the finest and most effective products available.

2- Taylormade Horse Supplies are scientifically researched

Taylormade Horse Supplies International products have been scientifically researched and developed over many years by our team and we stand by them. Our products are made to the purest form, with our ingredients being sourced from the very best pharmaceutical companies around the world. Products of this quality and strength have not been available in the equine world until now.

3- Taylormade Horse Supplies are Guaranteed

With Taylormade Horse Supplies International you can guarantee your horse is getting the absolute best quality products on the market today. There is not a competitor out in the market today that offers what Taylormade Equine does – there is no comparison. Our products are made specifically to target problems that occur in racehorses.

Be a part of the Taylormade Horse Supplies International team TODAY !.

Where science leads the way in equine performance and health.