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If you are looking for supplements to boost your horse’s performance, Taylormade Equine is your go-to online shop for race horse supplements and other equine health supplies.

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Our breakthrough patented formulas for race horse supplements are formulated with the desired vitamins, minerals and other energy-inducing ingredients to treat horses’ inflammation and enhance their performance.

Whether its profuse bleeding or excruciating pain, we provide tested horse painkillers that will provide immediate relief and expedite their recovery. If your horse is down with recurring joint pains, then P Block + Paste is the best supplement to relief horses’ pain and bring your horse back to its best form.

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While you’re preparing them for the next race, why not buy a pre-race activator, bio bleeder or formulated blood builder? Read the product fact sheet for all the horse supplements alongside to get all the information.

Revive and recharge your horse with all-natural health supplements and other supplies. Order online now.

Our horse health products are all scientifically-backed and promise best results in possibly all conditions. So, you do not have to worry about any unforeseen side effects.

We are proud of our proficient team of equine sports scientists and veterinarians which ensures that all the ingredients are sourced from natural ingredients and shipped globally through our various distribution centers. So, are you ready to place an order for horse supplements?

Our RaceHorse Supplements offer:

• Unquestionable high quality

• Exceptionally effective

• Legal to use

• No unlicensed ingredients

• Easy to administer

• Do not swab

If you are looking to buy race horse supplements online, browse through our product range to place an order now. It is just a matter of few steps to place an online order in a safe & secure system. There is no limit to the quantity on order.

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